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    Personal Image Coaching is about understanding how to shop so that the hard choices are made in the fitting room not in the bedroom

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    Personal Style isn’t just about fashion – it’s about appreciating the clothes, colours and cuts that flatter your body

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    Personal Image Coaching is about simplifying and organising your wardrobe so that the contents work well together

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    Personal Style is like cooking – buy the right ingredients, mix together well and enjoy the compliments

LEARN MORE Would you like to have a wardrobe of clothes that actually suit you, that give you confidence and that you look forward to wearing?

Relax you’ve come to the right place – we are Experts in Personal Image Coaching, Wardrobe Management and Personal Shopping – creating co-ordinating outfits that work for you and your lifestyle.

Does any of the following sound familiar?

  • Perhaps you are time stretched – juggling a career and family with no time to spend on shopping or think about your appearance.
  • personal image coachingPerhaps you have no great interest in clothes but you know that it is important for you to dress appropriately.
  • Perhaps you’ve forgotten how much fun dressing up can be!
  • Perhaps you shop online in the evening or in a rush when you have a spare half hour or in a panic when you have an imminent event.
  • Perhaps you love clothes but you’ve lost your way and just need to build your confidence again..
  • Perhaps you have gone though a change in your life – relationship, career, weight or decade and your wardrobe hasn’t moved with you!

…AND because of this you have ended up with a mismatched wardrobe that doesn’t reflect you, your life or your personality.

Don’t worry, you are not alone, we specialise in helping women just like you to feel confident about their clothes and personal image.

Personal Image Coaching

Most of us aren’t blessed with the perfect figure or an innate sense of style, but we do need to get dressed every morning!

personal image coachingEmploying a professional to help you create the wardrobe that you long for is the logical choice. After all, would you fix your own boiler? Lay your own carpet? Lop your own trees? Of course not – now is the time to invest in you!

Gail Morgan, our expert Personal Image Coach can save you time and money by quickly and easily transforming your wardrobe; pinpointing any “image demons” and then showing you how to shop effectively so that you never need say “I have nothing to wear” ever again!!


After experiencing a personal styling session clients say that getting dressed in the morning is a breeze and that they wished they’d found Gail years ago!

Find out how we can help you to create YOUR Personal Style…..

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Remember Discovering your Personal Style doesn’t come easily – it actually requires a lot of work and planning. Style icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Victoria Beckham, Kate the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Moss, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Aniston didn’t just wake up one day looking effortlessly stylish, they spent years honing their look and understanding what works for them.

Discover How to Organise Your Wardrobe in 5 Easy Steps.

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“I went shopping with Mum on Friday and although we didn’t have much time, I have to say it was still the most successful and enjoyable shopping expedition I’ve been on! Just knowing which shapes and colours will suit me best made such a difference, allowed me to write off entire swathes of clothes and shops, and led me straight to clothes that both fit and suit me! Astonishing! I can’t thank you enough.”

Kate, Mum, Essex

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